Tanad Williams Architecture of Change

Architecture of Change curated by Mary Cremin

In collaboration with Tom Watt & Andreas Kindler von Knobloch

All Images courtesy of Paola Bernardelli

 Untitled II & Untitled III 

Untitled II & Untitled III 

  Hill  &  Whale  with  Window  &  Untitled I

Hill Whale with WindowUntitled I

  Elevation  &  Plan

Elevation Plan

  Hill  &  Untitled I

Hill Untitled I

  Hill  &  Whale  and window

Hill Whale and window

  Hill  &  Concrete Pillows

Hill & Concrete Pillows

  Concrete Pillows

Concrete Pillows

  Pillows  &  Hill  &  Whale  &  Window  &  Untitled I, II  &  III

Pillows & Hill & Whale & Window Untitled I, II III